Protection of oceans and seas


Welcome to our website!
We created our website for people with autism spectrum disorder.
Therefore we created it to be understandable and enjoyable for people with autism.

Our site’s main topic is the protection of seas and oceans.
We would like to draw the attention of the people with autism too for the importance of this.

We try to structure everything, our posts are appearing at the same time every day.
On the Homepage there are pictures that can be switched by using the arrows.
On the right side our posts are available too.
Under the posts there’s a calendar, which shows that when did the last post came out.
On teh right side under this, there’s the Hnugarian flag, with clicking on it, our page opens in Hungarian.

What we expect from the seas and oceans...

How it really looks...

We can do a lot of things to be better...